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Conscious Fitness: The Transformation Begins Inside of Us

Imagine if we learned from an early age to engage in physical activity because it's good for us rather than pushing ourselves solely for aesthetics.

woman in pink stretching, pilates, conscious fitness

Is it possible to train beyond the body? Something that touches our subconscious, calming the chatter of the mind, releasing pent-up emotions, and allowing us to connect?

The truth is, yes! Some activities, more than others, can help us align our energy field. When we move our bodies, we breathe life into our emotional health, whether we realize it or not. Movement releases emotions and energies trapped in the body, unlocking traumas and triggers we often store (sometimes without even realizing it), allowing them to travel to the conscious mind for processing and release.

"We are our bodies. It is the only perceptible reality. It does not oppose our intelligence, feeling, soul. It includes and shelters them. Therefore, to be aware of one's body is to have access to the whole being... for body, spirit, psychic and physical, and even strength and weakness, represent not the duality of being but its unity." - Therese Bertherat

Our bodies don't lie. When you surrender your mind to your body, body language begins to speak, offering more freedom and an understanding of who you really are. It's less about thinking and more about feeling. And as you awaken and strengthen your body, you start learning the language it speaks, becoming fluent in your body's communication, and then your self-awareness and self-confidence begin to flourish.

It's easy to notice. Think of a situation where you felt tense shoulders, and as soon as you noticed, you were able to relax them. This happens because subconsciously, we hold that tension for a long time before these bodily feelings are registered in our minds.

Practicing activities that promote greater body awareness allows us to recognize what our body is saying much more quickly. This language is subtle, so the more we tune into it, the louder and clearer it becomes.

The Benefits of Conscious Fitness

"Our bodies were designed to move." - Juliana Imbriani

Everyone knows they need to move their bodies for a healthier life, right? When you add intention and enjoyment, you go beyond just moving for the sake of movement. This means, among other benefits, LESS ANXIETY!

When you practice movements with intention, when you play and don't worry about technique, you allow your mind to stimulate the vagus nerve, relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system - known as the "rest and digest" response system.

When you increase your ability to rest and digest after the stresses generated in everyday life, you become less anxious. It's the balance we all seek. After all, no one can live without stress; the secret is knowing how to deal with it better.

So, find activities that bring you joy, first and foremost. And then, assess whether this activity works on control, breathing, and posture - just like Ballates!

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