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A new way to move the body

Ballet without the Barre. Pilates without the Reformer. Exercise without Injury.

Welcome to Ballates, where strength meets serenity.

In a world that spins faster than ever, we understand the challenges faced by the modern woman.

Our unique method of physical conditioning that blends the Ballet Technique and Pilates with elements of Modern Dance – think contractions, releases, and spirals; Yoga and Somatic Education, brings you a soothing but powerful and effective practice without the risk of injury. And in just a few weeks, you'll experience increased flexibility and toning, a heightened sense of well-being and body awareness.


Ballates is a Floor-based method that not only tones and strengthens your body without bulking, but also prevent injuries and relaxes your nervous system, suitable for all fitness levels.​​

Dive into classes ranging from 15 to 60 minutes, each uniquely choreographed to classical music, creating a calming embrace for your nervous system. Suitable for all fitness levels.

More than just another fitness program - a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


We're not just a fitness platform

We're a community that empowers, supports, and celebrates every woman's journey

We are that friend who supports, the guide who encourages, and the voice that will always believe in you. We're here to embrace you just as you are and make you feel safe loved and treasured with out non-aggressive classes and judgment-free community. 
Tailored for women, suitable for everyone.

Evelin Bandeira

With an impressive background as a Dancer and Movement Educator, Evelin has a post-graduate degree in Dance and a master's degree in Performing Arts, and her expertise shines through in every aspect of the Ballates platform.

Having graduated in Classical Dance and trained in Modern Dance, Evelin has danced her way around the world, collaborating with renowned companies and choreographers like Danny Tan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and Francisco Córdova have all been a part of her journey. Additionally, she has continuously expanded her knowledge and skill set through various courses and formations, including Pilates, Feldenkrais, Floor-barre, and Barre à Terre (in Paris).

Evelin's true passion lies in helping others find harmony and wellness through movement. It was her personal quest for answers that led to the birth of Ballates.

Welcome to Ballates – together, let's move, grow, and discover the incredible potential within ourselves.

  • How long is each Ballates Class?
    Between 15 and 60 minutes. The idea is for it to be doable and fun, giving you the opportunity to experience amazing classes that fit your busy schedule.
  • Are the classes live, or pre-recorded?
    The classes debut live each week, but are pre-recorded so you can enjoy the experience in any time zone. Seasonally we have live masterclasses that stay recorded in the Platform.
  • Can I take Ballates classes if on my cycle or pregnant?
    Yes, definitely. As always, listen to your body, adjust accordingly and consult your healthcare physician.
  • Who can take Ballates Classes?
    Anyone above the age of 14 who is able to engage in physical activity is welcome.
  • Is there a risk of injury?
    No! The Ballates Method consists of exercises performed on the floor, which minimizes impact. Additionally, proper form and technique are emphasised to prevent injury.
  • How long until I see results?
    Results vary from person to person and depend on factors such as effort and nutrition. However, with just one class a day, you may start seeing results in the first few weeks, including improvements in your body awareness, increased energy, reduced anxiety, and better sleep quality.
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