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It's Summertime - Seasonally Eating, Recipe and Printable Summer Produce Calendar

No more frozen berries or canned tomatoes! It's time for FRESH! It's time for variety! The biggest growing season is finally here - it's summertime!

summer salad eat seasonally

During the hot days of summer, foods that are abundant will hydrate, refresh, and protect you. That's why eating seasonally is so important, not to mention that it's great for your pocket and planet. So, how about getting back to the roots of local and sustainable eating while connecting with our food and its sources?

You'll be saving money, nourishing your body, being sustainable and supporting local producers. Yey!

What Does Eating Seasonally Mean?

Just because something is available in the grocery store doesn’t mean it’s in season and that we should be eating it.

Once you begin eating seasonally, you will feel more in tune with your body and the nutrients that it needs. You will be able to feel your body’s natural cravings transition with each season, bringing health and alignment. For example: during summer, we eat more watermelons and berries, the first is rich in water content and the second, in antioxidants - water hydrates, and antioxidants help keep the skin younger during solar exposition (as long as you keep it healthy, ok?). During winter, we have fresh oranges and root veggies like potatoes and beets - oranges and the rest of citrus are rich in vitamin C, great to help prevent flus and root vegetables are resistant and help keep you fool for longer.

The rhythm of life also changes according to each season, so why should we eat the same things year round?

So, How Do I Eat Seasonally in Summer?

Summer is the season of abundance. As long as you’re not eating cranberries, pomegranates, or winter squash (there was butternut squash at the grocery store in June. In June!), you’re on track to eating seasonally in summer. Stay with me here: rather than buying frozen berries or canned tomatoes like in winter, buy all your produce fresh at your local farmers market - or check online resources if you need to.

Also, plan your meals and shopping lists around what is in season - it will make a huge difference. It can also be handy to print out a list of what’s in season and hang it up on your fridge - just like the printable seasonal guide we have year round and one for each season with tips for recipes!

Grab Our Free Seasonal Eating Printable Here

Download PDF • 1.96MB


There's a delicious recipe for Artichoke Tuscan Salad included in our printable calendar. Be sure to download it and stay fabulous!!!

Remember: you have to be perfect! If you are new to this, making the switch to eating seasonally doesn’t mean you need to restrict or eliminate anything. Looking at it that way will only set you back. Instead, replace and “crowd out” out-of-season foods with in-season foods. The more you do so, the more you’ll get the hang of it. Start by focusing on what’s in season in summer, purchase those items, base your meals around them, and then fill in the gaps from there. You’re doing great


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