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Five Good Reasons to Eat Seasonally (With Free Guide)

As the seasons change across the earth, so does the fresh fruits and veggies that are available. And understanding why eating seasonally is better for us, not only will your palate be impressed but there are health benefits too. Here are five reasons to start eating seasonally!

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Eating seasonally means fully embracing the current season and eating the fruits and vegetables that naturally grow in abundance and organically during specific times of the year.

It's true that we are not used to eat like this anymore because we have access to anything we want at any time of the year. But once you begin eating seasonally, you will feel more in tune with your body and the nutrients that it needs, understanding its cravings and natural desires.

Why Eat Seasonally?

Here are five good reasons to start eating seasonally and the last will blow your mind:

  1. Better for your Tastebuds Imagine biting that crispy apple in the middle of fall, or a juicy watermelon during those hot days of summer. Or even that sweet orange during winter time. Veggies and fruits that are grown in season taste incredible because they're fully ripened and harvested at just the right time to make it from the farm to your hand without spoiling. Fresher, sweeter, better-tasting, more flavourful and vibrant - what's better than that?

  2. Pocket-wise Macroeconomics 101: when there is an abundance of a certain crop, the cost will be much lower. Not to mention that when produce is in season, local farmers won’t have too much travel or storage costs which will drive down the price we see at the store!

  3. Higher Nutritional Value Seasonally fresh produce is picked when it is fully developed at the peak of the season. With optimal growing conditions and more sun exposure come higher levels of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, folate, and beta-Carotene (all of these are very perishable and will be lost with excessive heat and long hours of non-appropriate storage).

  4. Good for the Environment Purchasing foods in season from local farmers is less likely that they were subjected to heavy doses of pesticides. Not to mention that, by supporting local farmers in your area = less transportation, less forced ripening, less refrigeration, fewer chemicals and lower prices. It's a win-win!

  5. Powerhouse of Nutrients to your Body’s Natural Needs Our ancestors could only eat what was flourishing in that season and climate. Naturally our health and nutritional needs are supported by the cycle of crops and vegetables for the season we're in. For example, foods rich in water content like watermelon, berries and cucumber keep us hydrated in the dog days of summertime heat. Cabbage increases the temperature of our bodies during the long winter months. The citric season is winter, rich in vitamin C that helps us fight infections like colds, very common during cold days.

We know it's not always possible to eat locally and seasonally for everyone all of the time. But when you can make these decisions, your wallet and your health will thank you.

And since there's so much is available for most of the year, we can lose track of its seasonality. But we have your back! Here's a seasonal food guide just for you: get your Season Guide for North Hemisphere here!


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