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Discover the Power of Ballates: 5 Reasons to Start Practicing the Method Today

Are you curious about how and why the method works even if you practice just 15 minutes per day? So, scroll down to find out all about it!

woman practices ballates in lisbon

Did you know that just 15 minutes of physical activity each day can reduce anxiety, stress, and improve your mood? It's true! A study conducted by the King's College London with 37,000 participants from 16 countries revealed that this is the optimal time required to stimulate the brain and produce effects similar to those achieved by medication. Isn't that incredible? Let's face it; we often spend more than 15 minutes scrolling on Instagram, don't we?

But you may be wondering, "Can I get fit from just 15 minutes a day?"

Until recently, it was believed that only High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) could achieve such results in such a short amount of time. However, it has been proven that exercises that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, like dynamic plank variations and wild pose, can deliver comparable benefits within the same time frame.

Ballates, combining the fundamentals of Ballet and Pilates, utilizes exercises that engage the entire body, both isometrically and dynamically, adjusting the intensity according to each person's fitness level. After all, progress is personal, and it's important to respect individual pace.

Still in doubt about trying it out? Here are five reasons why you should give Ballates a chance:

  1. Improved Flexibility without Specific Training: by incorporating exercises and poses that require strength and flexibility, activating multiple muscle groups in various directions, you will experience significant gains in flexibility without specific training. It's almost like performing ballistic stretching while engaging your muscles. That's why many students notice improvements in just a few weeks.

  2. Enhanced Cardiorespiratory Capacity: most forms of physical activity improve our cardiorespiratory capacity, but with Ballates, we have an added advantage. By combining movement with breathwork, we experience improved lung capacity. In Ballates, we draw upon the principles of Pilates and Yoga, particularly when it comes to conscious breathing.

  3. Detox and De-Bloating: through exercises that involve twists and positions that massage the lymph nodes and abdominal organs, Ballates provides a type of lymphatic drainage, helping to optimize the elimination of toxins and reduce bloating.

  4. Increased Body Awareness: the foundational techniques of Ballates, derived from Ballet and Pilates, are renowned for increasing body awareness by demanding focus, concentration, and attention. This is further enhanced when we incorporate other elements such as modern dance, somatic education, and yoga. It's a fantastic activity for self-reflection, as body awareness is self-awareness.

  5. Enhanced Focus, Attention, and Memory: in this post, we discussed how physical activity improves brain function. In the case of Ballates, constant focus and presence are required. Utilising ballet-inspired steps demands our complete attention to coordinate movements in synchrony, activating focus and memory.

Are you curious to give it a try? Try Ballates 7 days for free HERE!


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