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The Power of Affirmation: 10 Motivating Mantras to Empower Yourself and Start Using Today

Do you want to know how to make affirmations work for you? Here a step-by-step with the 5 most empowering mantras for you to start your journey.

Our your brain’s ability to change and adapt throughout your life is endless, and since sometimes it can get a little mixed up on the difference between reality and imagination, affirmations might do wonders for you. Meaning that you can create a mental image of yourself doing something, and that will activate many of the same brain areas that actually experiencing these situations would. So, regular repetition of affirming statements about yourself can encourage your brain to take them as fact. And when you truly believe you can do something, your actions often follow.

How do You Make it Work Effectively?

Here are 5 little steps to set your affirmations up for success:

  1. Action is Key: while repeating affirmations can help your mood, motivation and etc, they don't work alone. You need to take actions. You can't think your way into change, you actually have to take actions.

  2. Present Tense is The Way: remember that our brains can be tricked into believe things that are just in our imagination? It's the same with affirmations. You have to say them in present tense, or even, in past tense, as if you already achieved what you wanted.

  3. Tailored Affirmations Might Work Best: meaning that you might have to create your own. While we can give you a few good examples and why they're good, you might need to adapt them for your reality.

  4. Keep them Real: change is always possible, but they need to be tangible according to your actions or core values. For example: you can't make affirmations to loose weight while you're not on a diet and doing some exercises. Be wise about it!

  5. Practice Every Day: as everything in life, to get some results you'll need consistency. Try to repeat them at least 10 times a day, create a routine and be patient. The results will show up!

When They Don't Work

It's true that some people see little to no results with affirmations. And that happens because sometimes, they shouldn't be the first, or even the only step to that specific person. As we said before in this article, they need actions, and the first one that you have to take is changing your environment, and secondly, changing your belief system.

When you have negative ideas and images about yourself, sometimes they might come from something that dwells a little deeper within. In that case, a therapist can help you begin identifying potential causes of negative or unwanted thoughts and explore helpful coping strategies, and only then affirmations alongside other tools, might work.

5 Life-Changing Affirmations For You to Start Now

Now that you understand how it works, let's get to them:

  1. I AM ENOUGH: often times we believe we're not enough, that we'll only be loved if we're thinner, taller, smarter, do everything perfect, when the truth is that we are enough just as we are, no more, and no less. You are enough!

  2. I AM SAFE: to all the women out there with their nervous system disregulated, this is by far one of the most effective affirmations to be used regularly. Very used during somatic practices, it offers comfort to a nervous system wired to live in a hypervigilant estate.

  3. I ALLOW MY MOST AUTHENTIC SELF COME TO LIFE: again, it's about being enough as we are, being safe in our own skin, and stop hiding our beauty from the world.

  4. LIFE ALWAYS WORKS OUT FOR ME: because it does! Even when it doesn't, it's working for you.

  5. WHAT WOULD SOMEONE WHO TRULY LOVE THEMSELVES DO? - maybe one of the most important questions we can make ourselves on the daily basis. What do you think?

Think it, repeat it, be it. The change begins when you're ready to put in the work. And if you want more, join our platform where you'll find somatic exercises and meditations with affirmations to help you in your self-development journey.


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