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Easy Plant-based Cuisine

Embark on a flavourful journey

Assembling a Plant-Based Dish Made Easy: Your Simple Guide

Are you unsure about how to eat well on a vegan diet? Are you afraid of not getting enough minerals when you put together your meal? Look no further! This article is here to guide you.

vegan bowl with avocado, tofu, beans, rice, corn, sweet potatoes

Eating vegan doesn't have to be complicated. It's all about variety, incorporating greens, good fats, whole grains, legumes/protein (which are excellent sources of plant-based protein), and more. Take a look at the plate in the picture above as an example!

Breakdown of the Dish:

Cereal: Turmeric-infused rice at the center. Legume: Black beans with tomatoes. Cereal: Sweet corn. Vegetable: Boiled sweet potato. Protein: Tofu. Source of Fat: Avocado.

To make things even easier, we've put together a handy guide to help when you feel lost. Check it out below:

infographic on how to assemble a plant-based dish

And to help you even more, check out our post:

Eating delicious and nutritious vegan meals is easier than you think. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can create colourful and satisfying dishes that align with your vegan lifestyle. Incorporate a variety of plant-based ingredients, embrace whole grains, legumes, and good fats, and explore your culinary creativity. Don't forget to check out our helpful guide on how to meal prep to assist you on your vegan journey.

Don't forget to share your experiences with us during the #Veganuary challenge. We can't wait to hear how it's going for you! Together, let's make vegan meals enjoyable, wholesome, and nourishing!

And if you want more recipes, discover some amazing places to eat in Lisbon, Porto, and even Paris and Athens (and more), plus getting all the tips and tricks to store your food and build your pantry for a plant-based and gluten-free diet? Get your "Easy Plant-based Cuisine" today on!


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