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Serenity Program

A 5-Days Ballates with Evelin

The Serenity Program is a judgment-free fitness and mindful 5-days workout + selfcare exercises designed to build strength, elevate your energy and bring mindfulness for you to jumpstart your wellness journey in 2024.

Welsome to the Serenity Program!

Hi,​I'm Evelin!

I’m a ballerina and movement educator, and I’ve been teaching for over a decade. And since the pandemia, I’ve combined  everything I know into a method that I call Ballates, a completely safe and all levels open fitness program.


Here, I want YOU to make your health and wellbeing a priority.

Join me and a dozens of others from around the globe for this free at home Ballates program. You can do this!

What You'll Get

From 8 – 12 of January, you’ll get access to Ballates classes + Slef-care and mindful exercises at 6 AM EST directly on your e-mail.

This is 100% free and suitable for all experience levels. (Beginners welcome!).

Daily love note email from Evelin with the link to our Ballates class along with a positive affirmation to start your day with intention and clarity, and the exercises for the day.

Flexible Schedule


Strength, Consistency, Mindfulness

Start small to build a sustainable workout routine and find long-lasting change, not a quick fix in January. Havin a 5-days plan where you’ll take care for your mind, body and soul, can make exercising at home easier and less stressful.


Respect the cycles and move your body slower but consistently

This is winter, so we are naturally more introspective. Move accordingly and feel the strength, flexibility and slow pace with mindfulness.


Find the time and show up

Each workout day consists of 10-30 minute classes — perfect for your busy schedule. Each class promises an effective workout, ensuring you maximize your time.


You have a plan for each day of the week

We plan your workouts and self-care exercises for 5 days and motivate you throughout each day to stick to it. You show up, follow the plan, and reap the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Serenity Program

  • How long is each Ballates Class?
    Between 15 and 60 minutes. The idea is for it to be doable and fun, giving you the opportunity to experience amazing classes that fit your busy schedule.
  • Are the classes live, or pre-recorded?
    The classes debut live each week, but are pre-recorded so you can enjoy the experience in any time zone. Seasonally we have live masterclasses that stay recorded in the Platform.
  • Can I take Ballates classes if on my cycle or pregnant?
    Yes, definitely. As always, listen to your body, adjust accordingly and consult your healthcare physician.
  • Who can take Ballates Classes?
    Anyone above the age of 14 who is able to engage in physical activity is welcome.
  • Is there a risk of injury?
    No! The Ballates Method consists of exercises performed on the floor, which minimizes impact. Additionally, proper form and technique are emphasised to prevent injury.
  • How long until I see results?
    Results vary from person to person and depend on factors such as effort and nutrition. However, with just one class a day, you may start seeing results in the first few weeks, including improvements in your body awareness, increased energy, reduced anxiety, and better sleep quality.

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