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Welcome to Ballates, where strength meets serenity

Your one-stop platform with different modalities of Ballates fitness classes, meditation, self-care tips, healthy recipes
and much more for you to access
anywhere, any time

Unlock dozens of simple, everyday wellness practices

Ballates offers a fusion of Pilates and Ballet on the floor, insuring an injury-free practice.
Classes range from 15-60 minutes, with a distinctive feature of choreography set to classical music, calming the nervous system. You'll also find meditations, affirmations, self-care practices, breathwork, healthy recipes and nutrition tips.


Ballet + Pilates fusion classes made on the floor offer non-aggressive fitness that's effective and comprehensive


Self-care, breathwork and meditation practices for stress management and nervous system regulation

Nutrition & Recipes

Weekly simple, delicious plant-based recipes from breakfast to one-pot wanders, plus nutrition tips

Premium Access

Access to all of our Premium Program and be the first to access brand merch and member-only collections.

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World-Class Wellness
Anywhere, Any Time

Dozens of hours of fitness and wellness classes on demand, offering a mindful fusion of Pilates and Ballet, in a floor-based, injury-free, powerful and effective practice. You'll also find Nutrition and Self-care tips, a caring community to embrace you and much more. 

Our Plans

Mindful movement. Sustainable wellness. Hearty Nutrition. Start living your healthier life today. 


Become a Ballates member now and feel the difference.

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  • Access to all platform classes; 

  • Monthly training program;

  • Directory of weekly recipes;

  • Access to Live Classes

  • Exclusive programs; 

  • Dream Abs Program;

  • Wellness Classes;

  • Meditation Classes; 

  • E-Book: Easy Plant-based Cuisine; 

  • Challenges throughout the year;

  • 15% discount on the entire Ballates product line.




What our users are saying

"My posture, energy levels, and even flexibility are much better now."

I started Ballates and became seriously motivated by the results I got. I work sitting all day and used to have back pain, but since I started the classes, it has improved significantly. My posture, energy levels, and even flexibility are much better now.

Lucas Rossi


pilates and ballet - ballates method -  online studio

The heart behind Ballates,
Meet Evelin Bandeira!

Ballerina and movement educator, Evelin's true passion lies in helping others find harmony and wellness through movement. It was her personal quest for answers that led to the birth of Ballates. 

Her tireless pursuit of knowledge and her unwavering belief in the power of movement fuel the platform's creation. She welcomes you with open arms, pouring her heart and soul into providing a unique, supportive, and enriching experience - the ballates method.

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