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Programa Serenidade

Ballates de 5 dias com Evelin

O Programa Serenity é um exercício livre de julgamento e treino consciente de 5 dias + exercícios de autocuidado projetados para aumentar a força, elevar sua energia e trazer atenção plena para você iniciar sua jornada de bem-estar em 2024.

What is the Dream Abs Program?

Sou bailarina e educadora de movimento e dou aulas há mais de uma década. E desde a pandemia, combinei tudo o que sei em um método que chamo de Ballates, um programa de condicionamento físico totalmente seguro e aberto a todos os níveis.


Aqui, quero que VOCÊ faça da sua saúde e bem-estar uma prioridade.

Junte-se a mim e a dezenas de outras pessoas de todo o mundo para este programa Ballates gratuito em casa. Você consegue fazer isso!


Benefits of the Dream Abs Program


reduce waistline

by toning, strengthening and lengthening the deep muscles in your abs, it's possible to reduce up to 12 centimeters in your waist


time wise

all classes from the main module have only 5 minutes for you to be able to practice any time, anywhere


no more back pain

with a strong core and improved posture, any back discomfort caused by weak muscles and poor posture will be gone


improves gut health

dream abs postures performs a deep massage in our guts helping to de-bloat and regulate the intestines

Perguntas frequentes sobre o Programa Serenity




MODULE 1: Introductory Class

MODULE 2: 10 Dream Abs Classes

MODULE 3: Warm-up + Cool Down

BONUS: Dream Abs 1.0 (3 classes)



E-BOOK: "Dream Abs" 

E-BOOK: Gut Health for Women

E-BOOK: Gut Health Recipes

PLAN: "Reset Your Gut" Program



We're 100% sure that if you consistently practice this program at least 3-4 times/week for 15 days, you'll see and feel the difference, otherwise, we'll give your money back, no questions asked!



You'll be part of the Ballates Family and will have access to our heartwarming community from day one. Are you ready?

Start today. See results in less than 15 days or your money back.


Will I lose 12 cm from my belly with just 5 minutes of this program per day?


If you train every day, you will notice a significant difference in abdominal circumference. The reduction is possible due to a new muscle disposition. However, for more effective results, it's essential to combine it with a healthy diet and other activities, such as Ballates.

Can anyone do this class?


No! Pregnant individuals, those with hypertension, vasovagal syndrome, and Crohn's syndrome should not practice these classes.


What if I don't know how to do the exercises?

There's an Introductory Class in the Program + E-Book explaining the step-by-step of each technique for you to learn and practice.


How long is each Dream Abs Class?


Between 5 to 10 minutes. All of the classes within the Module II are 5/6 minutes, and the Bonus classes have 10 minutes each.

Are the classes live or pre-recorded?


All classes are pre-recorded so you can do them wherever and whenever you can.


Is there risk of injury?


This program offers no risk of injury because it's floor-based, designed to prevent and treat injuries and tested by certified physiotherapists for your safety.

Is there any guarantee?


We offer a 15 days guarantee for this program. If you try it and see no results, we'll refund you with no questions asked.

Is the purchase secure?


Yes! Ballates is hosted by Hotmart, one of the largest info-product platforms in the world. This ensures that your payment is secure and the purchase process is easy, convenient, and fast.

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